Roxtec ComSeal™ & EzEntry™


– Lightweight and area efficient cable sealing solution for cabinets
– Adaptable sealing modules supplied as ready made kits
– Comes in 6 different sizes
– Can be attached inside or outside a cabinet
– For use with group CM components

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Item Order Description Download
ComSeal™ 10/4 CS00000000104 Drawing
ComSeal™ 10/7 CS00000000107 Drawing
ComSeal™ 10/10 CS00000001010 Drawing
ComSeal™ 12/3 CS00000001203 Drawing
ComSeal™ 12/6 CS00000001206 Drawing
ComSeal™ 12/9 CS00000001209 Drawing
ComSeal™ 12/12 CS00000001212 Drawing
ComSeal™ 16/4 CS00000000164 Drawing
ComSeal™ 16/7 CS00000000167 Drawing
ComSeal™ 16/10 CS00000001610 Drawing
ComSeal™ 16/16 CS00000001616 Drawing
ComSeal™ 32/8 CS00000003208 Drawing
ComSeal™ 32/14 CS00000003214 Drawing
ComSeal™ 32/20 CS00000003220 Drawing
ComSeal™ 32/32 CS00000003232 Drawing
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Roxtec EzEntry™

– Simplifies cable sealing in cabinets and enclosures
– Single-side seal delivered as a kit, including composite frame and adaptable modules
– Integrated compression unit
– Allows for pre-terminated cables

For Data Sheet & Instruction Guide – See Below

Item Order Description Download
EzEntry™ 4 mini/4 EZ00000000440 Drawing
EzEntry™ 4 mini/9 EZ00000000490 Drawing
EzEntry™ 4/4 EZ00000000044 Drawing
EzEntry™ 10/4 EZ00000001004 Drawing
EzEntry™ 10/7 EZ00000001007 Drawing
EzEntry™ 10/10 EZ00000001010 Drawing
EzEntry™ 16/4 EZ00000001604 Drawing
EzEntry™ 16/10 EZ00000001610 Drawing
EzEntry™ 16/16 EZ00000001616 Drawing
EzEntry™ 24/6 EZ00000002406 Drawing
EzEntry™ 24/15 EZ00000002415 Drawing
EzEntry™ 24/24 EZ00000002424 Drawing
EzEntry™ 32/8 EZ00000003208 Drawing
EzEntry™ 32/20 EZ00000003220 Drawing
EzEntry™ 32/32 EZ00000003232 Drawing
Download: Data Sheet
Download: Instructions