Connector Cover Compression Inserts

The following compression inserts are designed specifically for most of Northern Technologies
CM, CME, CMHD, CMR, CMV.35 & CMP Series Connector Covers.
Consult our Sales or Technical Support Group for further details.

9 & 15 position 0.125″ I.D.
A62E000009V DWG

9 & 15 position 0.176″ I.D.
A62E000005V DWG
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25 position 0.125″ I.D.
25 position 0.198″ I.D.
A62E000003V DWG.
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25 position 0.285″ I.D.
37/50 position 0.230″ I.D.
A62E000010V DWG.
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37/50 position 0.285″ I.D.
Flat ‘D’ Insert
A62E000004V DWG.
9/15 position compression inserts
A62E000001V DWG.
25 position compression inserts
A62E000000V DWG.
37/50 position compression inserts 
A62E000002V DWG
9/15 position jacket inserts
A62E000200 DWG
25 position jacket inserts
A62E000201 DWG
37/50 position jacket inserts
A62E000202 DWG
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