Two Piece Metal 45 Degree Exit Covers with Thumbscrews

CMA Series Two Piece Metal 45 Degree Exit Covers
FEATURES: exceeds FCC Class B requirements
low profile design
two piece insert strain relief system
tapped holes for quick assembly
max. cable o.d. 11.5 mm (Sizes 9 through 37 position)
and 17mm for 50 position
Cover Material: zinc alloy
Cover Finish: nickel over copper under-plate
Strain Relief Inserts: thermoplastic
Thumbscrews: steel – zinc finish

Size Thumbscrew Part #
9 Position (Pkg) 4-40 Thread MHDE45ZK9K
15 Position (Pkg) 4-40 Thread MHDE45ZK15K
25 Position (Pkg) 4-40 Thread MHDE45ZK25K
37 Position (Pkg) 4-40 Thread MHDE45ZK37K
9 Position (Pkg) M2.5 Thread MHDE45ZK9KM25
15 Position (Pkg) M2.5 Thread MHDE45ZK15KM25
25 Position (Pkg) M2.5 Thread MHDE45ZK25KM25
37 Position (Pkg) M2.5 Thread MHDE45ZK37KM25
9 Position (Pkg) M2.6 Thread MHDE45ZK9KM26
15 Position (Pkg) M2.6 Thread MHDE45ZK15KM26
25 Position (Pkg) M2.6 Thread MHDE45ZK25KM26
37 Position (Pkg) M2.6 Thread MHDE45ZK37KM26
9 Position (Pkg) M3 Thread MHDE45ZK9KM3
15 Position (Pkg) M3 Thread MHDE45ZK15KM3
25 Position (Pkg) M3 Thread MHDE45ZK25KM3
37 Position (Pkg) M3 Thread MHDE45ZK37KM3