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MHETRIM37MK Discontinued 18-Jan-21
Crimp Kits Discontinued 15-Sep-20
N88E610002 & N30E610002 - Discontinued 17-Aug-20
N88E600000 & N30E600000 - Discontinued 19-Apr-20
WDCTEPL1020AF and WDCTESL1020AF - Discontinued 11-Apr-20
CMP Series metalized plastic - skip plating 07-Aug-19
Over-mold Can (X)9PEM2 - Discontinued 06-Aug-18
Over-mold Can W9PEM3 - Discontinued 06-Aug-18
Textured finish on CPP & CMP series large logo area 28-Jun-18
Over-mold Can A30E801501 - Substitute for A30E801500 05-Jun-18
Over-mold Can A30E801500 - Discontinued 20-Apr-18
Over-mold Can X37PEM0 & X50PEM0 - Discontinued 07-Mar-16
Over-mold Can A30E800900 - Discontinued 10-FEB-17
MHDE3MK37XXX Connector Covers - Discontinued 09-Jun-15
MHDE Series Covers - Nickel Plating Update
A39E1000XX Ribbon Cable Connector Covers - Discontinued 12-Jan-15
Warehouse Designators on certain connectors, over-mold cans & dust caps 10-Jan-05
C88E420000 & A30E420000 Zinc Plated - Small Blisters 02-Jan-12
C88E610000, C88E610001, C88E610002, A30E610000,
A30E610001 and A30E610001 Discontinued
Investigation of Blue / Yellow areas on zinc plated die-cast connectorcovers 02-Jan-12
C88E600000 and A30E600000 Discontinued 02-Jan-12
C88E420000, C88E421000, A30E420000, A30E421000 Retired & Replaced 02-Jan-13
C88E420000, C88E421000, A30E420000, A30E421000 Retired & Replaced 02-Jan-13
A30E520000, A30E520100, C88E520000 Retired & Replaced 02-Jan-13
Part numbers C95E200000, C95E210000, C95E220000, C95E230000, C95E240000, A95E200000, A95E210000, A95E220000, A95E230000, A95E240000 plating change. 02-Sep-13
CMR ULP COVER - occasional dark spot on rear of cover top 01-MAY-06
Non-RoHS to RoHS Product Number Change Cross-reference 02-JAN-06