About Northern Technologies Corp.

Since 1982, Northern Technologies Corp. has continued its leadership in the design and manufacture of standard and custom high performance shielding products for the data communications industry. In addition to our popular line of connector covers, we offer a wide variety of D-subminiature, SCSI, V.35, fibre channel (GBIC), telco, RJ and modular style connectors.

Custom hardware such as, but not limited to, thumbscrews, machine screws, captive screws and metal drawn cans provide a more complete solution to component needs.

We use our recognized expertise in interconnect design and quality manufacturing to continue the development of leading edge connection technology. Our products are geared toward customer needs and technological trends. Many of our standard products are offered under the NorTech™ family of products.

With more companies evolving into brand marketers and looking to us as a supplier, custom designs have become one of our specialties. In-house CAD, solid modeling and mechanical simulation capabilities ensure product reliability and performance long before any investment is made in costly tooling.

We have the experience it takes to translate the dynamics of a design to a high performance finished product.

The commitment placed on our customer needs is deeply rooted in our people. We provide not only training but also education on the benefits of getting the job done right. Emphasis is placed on your point of view.Our quality system is carried throughout the entire process beginning at the raw material stage. Products are inspected according to MIL-105 standards. The people at Northern Technologies strongly dedicate themselves to our model for quality assurance in production and installation.

We offer a wide variety of packaging services including ESD, bar coding and custom labeling. With over 40,000 square feet in operation, we are committed to provide you with competent service, creative, strategic and tactical solutions to your connectivity needs. Our products are marketed worldwide through a large network of Representatives and Distributors.

John DiPietro